Mini Mobile


This series of mobile designs are a collaboration between Hey Murphy and artist Hallie Brewer. Each mobile is fabricated in brushed brass and will be produced in limited quantity. Mini mobile are exclusive to this website. Each piece is hand fabricated in Austin, Texas.

Mobile 1 (Far Left in first picture)
Dimensions: 9.5" in Length and 4.5" in width

Mobile 2 (Middle in first picture)
Dimensions: 10.75" in Length and 3.75" in width

Mobile 3: (Far right in first picture)
Dimensions: 11" in Length and 4.5" in width

If you want to have the mobile express shipped for Christmas arrival, please email us and we'll adjust the shipping pricing.

Discounts are not applicable to this product.


  • Mini Mobile 1
  • Mini Mobile 2
  • Mini Mobile 3